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Veterinary Services Offered At Bethalto Animal Clinic

The veterinarians and staff at Bethalto Animal Clinic are ready to provide your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care. From wellness exams and vaccines to advanced diagnostics and surgical procedures, your dog or cat will receive high quality care at our animal clinic.

Physical exams are very important in dogs and cats since they cannot tell us what is hurting. Using history and good exams we are able to keep your pet healthy and help find out what is wrong. For most pets this is an annual visit but as your pet ages (remember that dogs and cats age 4-7 times faster than humans!), your pet may need exams every six months.
At Bethalto Animal Clinic we offer surgical services that range from spays and neuters to emergency abdominal surgery. We offer modern inhalant anesthesia with state of the art monitoring of your pet’s vital signs. We also use up-to-date analgesia (pain relieving drugs) including constant rate drips if needed. As in human surgical rooms we use body warmers to help maintain your pet’s temperature under anesthesia. Low body temperature post-operatively remains one of the biggest reasons for prolonged recoveries.
At Bethalto Animal Clinic we have a InnoVet 300mA X-Ray machine that is designed just for pets. It provides high quality radiographs while decreasing your pet’s exposure to radiation. We employ the use of a CR digital radiology unit that allows us to have a digital image of your pet’s x-ray. This has numerous advantages including using a Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist to review your pet’s x-rays. Often times we have that report back within 4-6 hours!
For every anesthetized pet we use the latest in digital vital sign monitoring. This includes EKG (also known as ECG), SpO2 (pulse oxygenation), ETCO2 (end-tidal carbon dioxide measurement – this is a respiration monitor), and Blood Pressure. These monitors, along with our trained assistants, monitor every surgery and anesthesia from a cat neuter to a spleen removal. Ask one of our assistants to show you the units!
It is estimated that over 25% of all dogs and cats in the United States are obese! At Bethalto Animal Clinic we can help pick the right type of food for your pet and help fix nutritional problems such as obesity or diabetes. Many diseases such as kidney disease, liver disease, bladder stones, dental tartar, itchy skin and ears, and even some anxiety conditions can be treated with special diets.
One of the newest innovations to become common in veterinary clinics is the use of ultrasound images. Ultrasound images, also known as a sonogram, allow the veterinarian to have a non-invasive view of organs that typical radiology views cannot show. This includes the kidneys, bladder, liver, spleen, and even the heart. We use a highly trained ultrasound technician to obtain high quality images and a boarded radiologist interprets them.
At Bethalto Animal Clinic we use the safest anesthesia available today – inhalant anesthesia. This is a mix of anesthetic gas mixed with pure oxygen and delivered to your pet via an endotracheal tube. We understand your fears about anesthizing your pet and we will discuss any of those fears with you. Our veterinarians will do a thorough physical exam prior to anesthesia and at times blood and urine tests are indicated as well as radiographs, electrocardiograms, and even ultrasounds. Many times there is more risk not to perform a procedure and let your pet suffer than to perform anesthesia for the procedure.
Many diseases that afflict humans such as diabetes and cancer can afflict your pet as well. At Bethalto Animal Clinic we provide examinations, diagnostics, and treatments for diseases affecting the respiratory tract, liver, kidneys, bladder, spleen, gastrointestinal tract and endocrine systems. We also offer diagnosis and treatment of cancers (oncology). As many of our pets age they become more susceptible to various cancers ranging from skin cancers, bone marrow cancers, and lymphomas. Once diagnosed we will help you determine what is best for your pet. Many times treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy can be used but are done at a referral facility.
At Bethalto Animal Clinic we are very concerned about your pet’s skin and ears. Fleas remain the biggest reason for itching and scratching our veterinarians see on pets. Sometimes you can’t even see them, but one or two fleas can really bother your pet if it has a flea allergy. We can discuss with you proper flea control to help minimize flea problems with your pet. There are certain diagnostic tests that can be used to help diagnose your pet’s skin and ear problems. Cytology, scraping, cultures and even serum allergy testing can be employed to help the veterinarian to help diagnose your pet’s problem. We can also help with specialized shampoos, creams, conditioners, and sprays as well as oral and injectable medications for your pets particular needs. Sometimes chronic ear problems require deep flushing and treatment. Since this is very painful your pet this is done under anesthesia.
How many times day do you brush your teeth – how many times a day do you brush your pet’s teeth? Daily teeth brushing is recommended for your pet’s oral and systemic health. At Bethalto Animal Clinic at every exam we “grade” your pet’s dental and periodontal disease from 1 (being very mild or non-existent) to 4 (being very severe tartar and gum disease). Depending on the level of tartar and gum disease we will recommend that your pet’s teeth get scaled and polished. While you might be very nervous about subjecting your pet to general anesthesia, which is very normal, it is important to remember that poor oral health can lead to other problems such as not eating, tooth abscesses, kidney infections, or even heart valve infections. Leaving severe tartar and gum disease alone without treatment can be very painful for both dogs and cats. We can help counsel you on appropriate techniques and products that have proven oral health benefits before oral disease sets in and after a teeth cleaning. We also dental radiographs (x-rays) to see what is happening below the gum line. This allows us to look at the tooth roots and bone surrounding the root for problems that may not be visible to just the eyes. If needed we can perform tooth extractions as well as oral tumor surgery and biopsy services as well.
While it is never very easy to talk about and can be very painful it is sometimes best to let our pets go because of the pain or suffering that may be affecting them. Be assured that at Bethalto Animal Clinic we do not take this decision lightly and we strive to ensure your pet’s comfort and dignity during this most difficult time. We have cremation services available in which you can choose to receive your pets cremains (ashes) back or spread in a wooded area. We also have several urn choices available. Many people find it very difficult to deal with the loss of their pet. Please contact us and we can help with your grief.

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